Farmers Markets in 2022 

                     Yorktown Market Days
   These Yorktown markets can either be 8 till noon, or have an extended
         schedule lasting from 9 to 3 p.m. (noted by an "E" after the date). 
                                   Nov.19 (E)    Dec.10 (E)                            

       Talbot Park Farmers Market

We will be attending only one more time this year,  This is a great middle-of-the-week market held in Norfolk. Check out the new location!

         Sunday Thanksgiving Market Nov. 20

We are wrapping up this year with still a few farmers markets to attend. See us at                         Buckroe Beach, Yorktown, Hampton Blvd. and East Beach.

                   Buckroe Beach

      Walk the beach and watch the sunrise. Markets go                from 9 to 1. Extended markets are 9 to 3.       

                         SEE YOU NEXT YEAR !   

East Beach Farmers Market

      We're coming 'round again. Here is our Farmers Market Schedule for 2022. 

                        Runs from 8 till noon in the 
Duke of Gloucester Street or the P4 parking lot.
                Only one market left on December 17
               At East Beach off of Route 60 Shore Drive
           Regul ar season kicks in with markets from 9 till noon:
                                        See You Next Year !!