Farmers Markets in 2022 

                     Yorktown Market Days
These Yorktown markets can either be 8 till noon, or have an extended
schedule lasting from 9 to 3 p.m. (noted by an "E" after the date). 
             April 23(E)    May 21    June 4    July 23    August 20                                     Sept. 3    Oct.8(E) & Oct. 29(E)    Nov. 12(E)    Dec.10(E)                            

       Talbot Park Farmers Market

We will be attending about once a monththis year, generally the second Wednesday of each month running from 3 to 6:30 p.m. This is a great middle-of-the-week market held in Norfolk  . Check out the new location!

               May 11   June 8   July 13   

           August 10   Sept. 14   Oct. 12   

      Sunday Thanksgiving Market Nov. 20

We are wrapping up this year with still a few farmers markets to attend. See us at                         Buckroe Beach, Yorktown, Hampton Blvd. and East Beach.

                   Buckroe Beach

      Walk the beach and watch the sunrise. Markets go from 9 to 1 starting for us May 7. Extended markets are 9 to 3.  June 18 (E)     July 9      August 6       Sept. 17 (E)   

East Beach Farmers Market

      We're coming 'round again. Here is our Farmers Market Schedule for 2022. 

                        Runs from 8 till noon in the 
Duke of Gloucester Street or the P4 parking lot.
                    November 5      December 17
               At East Beach off of Route 60 Shore Drive
           Regul ar season kicks in with markets from 9 till noon:
                   April 30           May 14                June 11 & 25,
      July 16 & 30      August 13 & 27     Sept. 10 & 24         Oct. 22