Farmers Markets Galore 

Like most of the markets, this one is a pre-pay and pickup in Yorktown for all pre-orders. Unlike Williamsburg which allows us to drop and go, giving the customer a window to enable pickup, here we must attend to pass off the product. We have opted to forego this business model but suggest that those in the area go in with a few others and purchase a case for free delivery, or for smaller quantities get the wines shipped to you by calling the winery at 757-899-0203.

Hampton Boulevard Farmers Market in Norfolk

Like Yorktown the HBFM is trying a pre-pay and pick-up service at the East Beach market location and at O'Connors Brewery. Please visit their website for details. Unfortunately we are passing on these markets. 

This year is so screwed up ! Things are changing all the time as market managers learn the new health guidelines and try to offer some kind of farmers market experience. For things specific to each of these markets, please go to their websites.


This market is ahead of the curve supplying a necessary service with a local pickup program or delivery within Williamsburg. Every week it seems to be getting bigger and the bugs of this new venture are getting smoothed out. Go to:  Williamsburg Farmers Market and you'll be good to go. Markets for 2020 are pre-order & pre-pay.
You can purchase our current line-up of wines there as well as our slushie mixes.

Smithfield Farmers Market

Same model as Yorktown, but stay tuned, never know when it might change.

Buckroe Beach

Our first market at Buckroe Beach should be June 6th. It is "Fitness Day" at the beach, and the market will last from 9 till 3. Still too early for us to really know how this one will play out.