Please don't confuse "mulled wine" with mold wine, which is something prisoners make in their jail cells using leftover food and socks. Yuck!

Mulled wine is right up there with hot apple cider and chicken broth as a way to sit back in an easy chair with a warm fire glowing, a blanket over your legs, a good book, and all the other things that make a cold winter still enjoyable.

Mulled Wine

Having just celebrated National Mulled Wine Day in our Winery this past weekend       ( I know, another "excuse" to drink wine), we found that many of our guests had never tried a warm wine, and they liked it!!  So here is the recipe we used, so give it a try while the winter is still with us. Don't worry though, if it warms up our slushies take it's place.


    1 bottle of red wine (we used our BC Win)

    1/2 cup of apple cider

    1/4 cup of white suger, or more to taste

    juice from 1/2 fresh orange

    1/2 orange, sliced thin for garnish

    1/2 package of our Wine Mulling Spices

These can be purchased in our gift shop or by         clicking our On-Line Store tab above.

1. mix all the ingredients together and stir.

2. heat up on top of the stove or using a crock pot; do not boil or you'll lose all the alcohol!

3. serve in a heat proof glass with a slice of orange