We can accomondate small groups of 10 or less and still maintain distancing guidelines both inside and out. With ample seating, multiple rooms, and an outside patio ( weather permitting ), you can still get away, enjoy our wines by the glass or the pitcher, relax with friends, and of course say hi to the goats.

White peach, pear, and apple notes. An excellant example
of clean, crisp Chardonnay fermented and finished in stainless steel.



Our Goat Tower wines are new to our line-up. This Merlot is a true dry red Bordeaux with full and rich fruit flavors...but oh sooooo smooth.
Our award-winning Cabernet Franc. Medium bodied with fruity flavors, mild spice, and a hint of green peppers and olives. 
Take everything you like about our Cabernet Franc, and step it up a notch.  Our Petit Verdot is a inky dark wine with a peppery spicy aroma laced with hints of dark fruit. Out of Stock.


       Open from 11:30 to 6:00 

       Thursday though Monday


*Open these days only by special appointment

Hog Island Sweet Red is a blend of Norton, Cab. Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 3% residual sugar gives it a sense of sweetness which pairs well with anything chocolate. Available only at the Winery.
What do you get when you blend Seyval Blanc
with Virginia's native Scuppernong?  Hog Island Sweet White.

White Oak White is a refreshing blend of Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, and Viognier. Notes of citrus, honeysuckle, and pear. This is our "House Wine" because we think it goes with just about anything.
Simply Seyval is a semi-sweet white wine. Lush honey and citrus notes that lead to a full mouth feel and a long sweet finish. 
Currently out of stock.


This is a lightly-pressed Norton that offers mild cherry flavors without the earthy & gamey flavors this grape is known for. Serve this red cold like you would any white.
Our newest wine, Susan Constant. This "port-like after dinner dessert wine has nice stone fruit flavors, great mouth feel, and goes down smooth without the afterburn one normally gets with an 18% abv.