Where can I purchase your wines?

When we are out at Farmer's Markets, or in our tasting room, this is a very common question. After not quite 1 1/2 years since our Grand Opening in April 2016, we are now in nearly 50 retail outlets and restaurants, scattered throughout eastern Virginia. Though we'd love to have you visit us at the winery, if you can't make it we'd appreciate you visiting one of these merchants and purchasing our wine there. Not all locations carry all of our wines, so if you see that they don't have what you want, speak up !

Blacksburg      White Barrel Wine & Tapas Bar
Claremont      Claremont Circle Store
Hampton        The Virginia Store
Hopewell        Appomattox River Peanut Co.
Norfolk           Westside Produce & Provisions
                       FMC Garden Cafe
Richmond       Once Upon A Vine (North)
                       Ellwood Thompson's
Smithfield       Taste of Smithfield
                       Pagan River Wine Merchants
                       Bon Vivant
                       Smithfield Inn
Suffolk            Bennett's Creek Market & Deli
Surry               The Surry Seafood Company
Wakefield       Plantation Peanuts
Waverly         Adams Peanuts
Williamsburg Opus 9 Steakhouse
                      Virginia Gourmet
Yorktown       Riverwalk Restaurant
Total Wine & More
     Fairfax - Greenbriar
     Fairfax - Pickett
     Newport News
     South Richmond
     West Richmond
     Virginia Beach
Harris Teeter
     Virginia Beach Blvd./ V.B.
    4540 Princess Anne Rd./ V.B.
     Greenbriar / Chesapeake
     Arctic Ave / V.B.
     Nimmo Prkwy. / V.B.
     Ferrill Parkway / V.B.
     Centerville Rd. / Williamsburg
     Quarterpath Road / Williamsburg
     Newport News
     Norfolk / Colonial Ave.
   & hopefully coming soon (wines need to        be put on the shelf)...
     Hanbury / Chesapeake
     2105 Princess Anne Rd. / V.B.
     NOTE: we are not yet in Norfolk /  Grandby Street